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Please provide us with the dimensions and weight of your package, as well as the invoice for your order.

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Air Cargo Freight:   3 to 5 business days after items are delivered to our warehouse.

Sea Cargo Freight:   5 to 10 business days after items are delivered to our warehouse.


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Please ship your items to the corresponding address.

Sea Cargo Freight

Florida Shipping Address

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14735 NW 25th Ct, Opa-locka, Florida 33054

Please note that we also offer Sea Cargo Freight for New York residents.

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+1 (876) 622-1672 (Lime)


+1 (876) 304-8482, +1 (876) 381-5446

Important Information about this Estimate

Price stated is an estimate based on the dimensions and weight provided.

Note: GCT and Air Cargo handling not included.

The estimate is based on you arranging the delivery of the goods to FIWI Shipping and collecting them at the depot nearest the port you select. We can provide you with an estimate to have your goods delivered at either end if you wish, however the cost will be additional.

Insurance for your goods is not included in this price. Loose is carried at your own risk and we recommend you take insurance to protect your goods. If you would like us to arrange insurance, please contact us as per our contact page on this site for further information.

Please note that we do not accept Dangerous / Hazardous goods.